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We can handle small or large projects. Our team is certified and can operate off or onsite.


We carry all the machines necessary for your project, including a CNC plasma machine and milling machines.

Cabinet Sandblasting

Our mixed media cabinet sandblaster can remove the paint or rust from your tool or part.

Mobile Welding

Need welding work on a machine too costly to move? We can come to your location and weld on the spot.

Metal Art

Looking for a decorative metal piece? We make custom metal designs and sculptures with your vision.


At Courtney Machine & Repair LTD., we have a wide array of experience in welding and fabricating. Having worked on projects both big and small, we are confident in our ability to handle the requirements of your work. We start by meeting with you to determine the scope of your project plans. If you have a design prepared, we can begin to work according to your specifications. Otherwise, our staff are highly knowledgeable and prepared to recommend a solution that works for you.

We also are familiar with MIG Welding and TIG Welding for jobs at our facility. MIG Welding is highly effective for stainless and mild steel, while TIG works well in those categories but also works with other metals such as aluminum. One of the major reasons we can handle such diverse types of projects with a consistent level of quality is because of our welding equipment.

Thinking of fixing in a hole in your boat? Have you ever considered reinforcing a chair, or even your whole front gate? These are just some common examples of small welding projects. We are also capable of handling larger projects as well depending on your requirements, such as servicing multiple trucks in a transport fleet. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any questions you may have about our welding & fabricating process.

We offer these services and more:

  • ARC Welding
  • Mobile Welding
  • TIG / MIG Welding
  • Reinforcement / Repair
  • Custom Fabrication